Monday, May 31, 2010

Cheese and Anise Seed Quick Bread

So I wanted to try several different breads, but I'm not a great baker and most needed lots of kneading and then several hours of rising...  I simply didn't have the time or patience to attempt these, so I found a couple recipes that didn't require that (the Romans had to be busy too, right???) including the cheese biscuits I posted about earlier and this one.

These are also from Apicius' On Cookery and are described as "bread shaped like dice made with anise seed, cheese and oil."  It is a moist bread with a texture similar to banana bread and as I said before is quick and easy to make.

I used an 8x8 pan for this but found the dough to be pretty thick and difficult to spread out, so you could probably use a baking stone of some sort and get a nice crust on the bottom too...  I mixed together flour, salt, baking powder, anise seeds and cumin.  In another bowl I combined cottage cheese, oil, eggs and honey.  I added the dry ingredients to the wet and stirred until they were blended together.  As I said, I tried to spread this into an 8x8 pan but it was pretty thick...  I baked it until it was golden brown and it should be served warm - much like everything else...

So this was really good too - a good savory bread that would be great with a hearty soup or something.  It had  a pretty strong flavor but throughout this project I've found that to be the case with most of these ancient dishes.  I served this the next day and it was a thick and 'sturdy' bread that was quite tasty.

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