Monday, May 31, 2010

Peaches in Spiced Wine

So the idea of these was much better than the execution, but I'm taking full responsibility for that...  I bought peaches pretty early in the year and didn't get the kind that pitted easily.  So I was forced to chop around the pit, leaving me with small chunks of peaches, not nice halves of freshly pitted fruit...  Anyway, thinking I was going to be taking these to class with me the next morning I simmered the peaches in wine, honey and cumin until the fruit became soft.  Because of the size of the fruit chunks, I ended up with sort of a peach sauce that was actually really good!  Much like the pear patina, it tasted like fresh peaches and was a really pretty pinkish color...  The original recipe was from Apicius and you're supposed to simply slice the peaches into a large cup or bowl and top with honey, then pour dessert wine on top and sprinkle the cumin over them.  This would be quite tasty and later in the summer when the peaches are better, we'll definitely be trying this one again!

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