Monday, May 31, 2010

My Final Presentation

So I ended the quarter with a final presentation on ancient Rome.  The photo is me dressed as best I could as a Roman matron, at least the best that the costume shop on campus would allow.  The hair isn't entirely accurate, but it was the 'fanciest' hairstyle I could find.  My initial thought was to create an ancient dinner party, but when my presentation was moved into a different room with our entire class (not just the 8 or so we've had all quarter) I re-adjusted my plans...  I made several of the best dishes from throughout the quarter and presented a slide show of information on ancient Roman life.  I served the fig appetizers, cucumber salad, cheese biscuits, libum, and chickpea dip with homemade Parmesan pita chips.  The students who had gone abroad and hadn't tried the recipes before were quite impressed and the folks that had been in my class throughout the quarter were happy to have another taste at the dishes.  I heard from several classmates that the food was great and had quite a few people ask me for the recipes.  All in all I think that this project this quarter was quite a success and my classmate really enjoyed being guinea-pigs throughout my experimentation.  A few of these recipes will be in pretty regular rotation at our house and I'm looking forward more research on my own.

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